January 2, 2007

I am aboot a week late with the Christmas episode – but I have the video ready at the same time ( big thanks to Kamaal for that).

Direct Download Link

Video for episode 40!

November 21, 2006

This week took a little longer as our new crew is doing the video production. I am posting this before I have seen the video but I know that he did a much better job then I can.

Direct download link.

Video for episode 39!

November 9, 2006

Well at least I am being consistant.

Download link for Video.

Please check abootgames.com for show notes.

Videos for VGXPO

November 2, 2006

Here is the video for the VGXPO from Philly.

Click Here to download!

Episode 33 video

October 3, 2006

Here is the video for last weeks episode.

Yeah I know last week. I have an ever changing schedule that is starting to normalize.

Here is th link.

Video for episode 31

September 1, 2006

Another week down and a video to prove it.

Video link – Click Here

Video for episode 30

August 25, 2006

Hi everyone.

I know i am getting later and later with these. I will have a bonus for all the subscribers to the video podcast that I will put up over the week end.

With no further delay here is the video. Video download link.

Episode 3

August 9, 2006

This week we discuss the downfall of E3.

Again I apologize for the lateness of the posting. Video compression takes time.

The video can be downloaded here!

Episode 2

August 3, 2006

Well better late then never.

I have been climbing the steep learning curve moving from audio to video. I plan to have an actual opening by next episode.

Video Link

Episode 1

July 25, 2006

This is episode number 1 of the Aboot Games video podcast.

Many of you have been listening to the Audio only version for a long while now, and we decided to take the show into the video realm.

Full show notes are available at abootgames.com

Video Link